Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday !!! (Oct.15, 2008)

I'm a dj.....(I'm what i play as Mr.David Bowie once nicely mentioned:)))
So i am...
And there's this thing about dj miX tape...Oooops !!! a CD...No, No, No : Dj miX mp3 to put on the net for a FREE doWnload....Things have changed so many TIMEs...But the need to miX stays. The need to tell people what the quack you're playing at the moment stays...And it appeals to them (sooner or later)...
I always had realy fucked up time recording this miXes at home, looking at the wall or something, trying to turn insideout some atmosphere, feeling or a vibe. Maybe that's why i dont do it so often. Defenetly not often enough if you ask some people that appreciate the music i play. Or maybe i'm just turned off by this old, tired, BOOOOring, never ending line of pointless characters posing as DJs (oh, and producers realy) and their precious trendy miXed up inertia, "style" and agressive sailsmanship that this tired "dance" culture pushes beyond the limits of decency...But quack that !!!
Let's get back to the music. And it has to be good. I mean no point doing it if it's not very carefully chosen and put together...Lately i'm putting together a new resident night named No Hero !!! at a small club in Skopje called Indie Pub. I realy started enjoying this thing every friday, and just decided to record my set at this certain night. It actualy turned out quite well, and i was VERY VerY silver during the night ( 2 bottles of water and a glass of milk), and....
Nothing more to say realy...Appart from this :
It's my birthday today. I'm turning 36 and please dont ask me what i think of it and how i feel around it. Just download the miX. It's MY BIRTHDAY present to YOU...Hope it works for you. It shorely worked for me and the nice people at the club that night.

So...If you want to download 4 hour, uncut, the whole truth and nothing but the truth MIX, than go to this download link :

Or...if you feelin' lazy and want to dwnload shortened (and bit more tight) version of it, you can always go to;

download link:
http:​/​/​skclu​bbing​.​ com/​skclu​bbing​_​mixes​/​Mirko​_​Popov​_​No_​Hero_​10.​ okt. 2008_​live_​mix@​indie​_​pub_​exclu​sive.​ rar


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