Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Message From Thee Temple 332:0001

Kanton6 messengers of Makedon. Kanton6 never disappoint. Kanton6 love youth. That's platonic of course. Kanton6 makes song for youth. Kanton6 loves Zdravo Mladi Festival.Kanton6 hungry. Kanton6 eat. Kanton6 invite to FREE DOWNLOAD song at White Powder!!!

Message from Thee Temple: Telefon

Message from Thee Temple: here you can LISTEN to our favorite #mulataana band PMG Kolektiv’s new single. You can also download it here: / no matter this guys aren’t pure white race people, we like some of their stuff. sometimes we feed them exotic fruits, sometimes we feed them to the animals. depends really on the chinese horoscope. Here’s what they say in their defense on their native language (mo matter it’s a makedon dialect, they’re still not white really): Уште еден сингл подигнат од 6тиот ПМГ Колектив албум “Тезга”. Телефон е оригинална композиција на кавадаречкиот бенд Токму Така од 1986та година. Обземени од трогателната емоција и беспрекорната убавина на песната која вивидно живее во духот на тоа - за нас многу мило време - решивме да сложиме нова верзија, како би можеле да ја користиме во состав на нашите религиозни ритуали.

Message from Thee Temple 277.00541

Thee Messangers of Makedon. Playing live at Diese Festival in Dijon, France, spreading the eternal truth about The Makedonia. After destroying a #Mulataana Cell, Kanton6 safely returned to the creadle of Civilisation to eat, drink, sleep. ANd...

Message from Thee Temple 874.9006

Message from Thee Temple: After a microGENOCIDE performance on NON-white PMG Kolektiv members, Kanton6 - thee messengers of Makedon, took up their birthright to concert around PRAVO liturgy. And they did it well at PMG Recordings Festival 3 - Skopje Remix, june 30 2012, Sektor 909. White powder!