Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Miss Had Something To Do

Look at what my dear dear friend Nikolina Kujacha did to our New Ortodox Christian People song. Thank You.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hey Dzano

Some places fall behind. Sometimes that's quite suicidal. As far as Macedonia/Skopje's case is concerned, there's nothing much to say further down that line. A good thing is that some individuals are better than their current surroundings...

And now...You better bend on the right...

Multiconfessional Facility

Macedonian Radio & Television is the pearl of the Macedonian society. When given a media such a television, Macedonians spectacularly manage to take it to an unexpected endemic level. Watching the television program, one experiences unimaginable stuff, which excites one, on a paranormal and subconscious level. But it's not just the program being exciting. There's the people working there, their culture, their habits and the outlook of it all. It is almost beyond belief, even to a intelligent and controversial mind. Un/real stuff that Mr. Cleese and his Pythons would dream of creating.
I strongly suggest that Macedonian society should protect and conserve MRTV as an example of media culture horribly gone beyond any expectations. Such an adorable declination.
Here's a pleasant example of that rich spirit roaming the building. I call it


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Slave to a bunch of slaves
expensive comfort to inhabitants of graves


Exploring new lands nurturing the unbelivers
murder rape and robbery as far as eyes could tell


Pinned to the cross prevents our every normal human effort
24 hours in a gang bang crossfire rape while he stands still there


Another's father bastard whome you pay some cash to pray
So if you fancy not responsibility you conform to a fake pale dude obey


He is dark, he is old
Has a heart of gold
He's a good boy
Jesus Fucking Christ

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The struggle continues...with a party i suppose...
Next FRIDAY-MAY the 7th we're laughing off depression by playing our current favourite techno arsenal.
An epic musical clash @ Kapan An (a frivolous nightlife setting at the Old Turkish Bazaar in Skopje)
Promoting to a small, small world...
Also on the night: a VIDEO PREMIERE for "New Ortodox Christian People" - PMG Kolektiv song from the new DA4 album//
put together by Nikolina Kujaca, she'll be providing the video for the entire night btw...
We'll be selling some CDs on an outrageously low prices...