Thursday, December 9, 2010


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Enough said about good and evil !!!
Everyone knows that they can`t exist without eachother. They`re obviously in love. Only kindergarden pipe-dream sucking quazy left wingers are pondering about peace, love and harmony these days. About loooove and tooolerance and stuff... but there`s no place for tolerance for the bad. I say let`s ADMIT that we need to be tolerant to the BAD as we`re tolerant to different rases, nationalitys, religion. At the end of the day, how can we know what is (or supposed to be) GOOD, if we don`t know or understand bad...we need BAD badly.
example 1: A bad person comes up and kill somebody. Not nice at all !!! We all cry and shake our heads in dissaprooval and endless sadness. But how many times in (not) known hEEstory bad man killed other ? Million ? Billion ? Zillion ? I say much more. But world doesn`t END. It goes on. And on...And ON !!! And u see, an interesting thing: there are always more and more people in the world, no matter murder, hunger, war, or whatever injustice out there...So decide for yourself.
example 2: Take our (macedonian) president Branko Crvenkovski for instance. Avery bad person indeed !!! He steals the bread right infront of childrens mouth. He lies, and cheets and helps another bad people to get rich. He drinks alchohol and snorts coke (allright, we do it too:)...He works for forign agencys and openly trade with our "national" interests. He robes us and our kids from our future. He does whatever an average small country president does...But if it wasn`t for him we wouldn`t have souch a perfect example for what we should NOT DO !!! So god, thank U very mucho for this guy. He is the president after all...
AnD another THING: We GO On LivING FULLFILLED LiveS, NO Matter wich CrimiNal is in pOWEr...It IS in our hearts, minDs, Fists, diCKS, and most important: IN OUr MuSIC...
And that`s what U should do dear friends and relatives ...

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