Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fuck Christmass !!! (Jan.5, 2008)

Current mood:angry

I HATE Christmass.
Everyone getting OVERexcited over a certain OVERestimated dude supposedly born on THE day. I am shore that billion much nicer people were born on the same day and no one remembers...
In FACT...I hate all the RELIGIOUS Holidays and all RELIguous mumbo-jumbo SHIT whatsoever !!!
BIG SmElly PUKE all over it !!!

I HATE religion being installed in schools !!!

I Hate DEad saints AnD especialy DeaD ANgels !!!!

And i hate HUMANITARIAN ACtion !!!!
OH god i DO hate that so dearly....

So FUck CHRistmass !!!
No....FUcK oFFF CHRistmass !!!!
EaT shiT & Die !!!

Who`s with me SAY YEAH !!!

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